Slack Standup Bot for Asynchronous Meetings

  • Easy integration with Slack for seamless experience
  • Track project progress with daily stand up reports
  • Remote teams connect according to their timezone
  • Easy to use dashboard for quick deployment
  • DixiApp slack standup bot is FREE!
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The Best Slack Standup Bot

Standup meetings can be hard to execute when you have teams working remotely. Not it if you have DixiApp.

  • Execute daily standup meetings in Slack
  • Remote and virtual teams connect as per their time zone
  • Remotely track meeting reports via Slack
  • Seamlessly create and modify standup triggers via the dashboard
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High Visibility Standup Meetings

There's no need for note taking and time consuming MOMs. DixiApp sends meeting reports right to your Slack #channel.

  • Slack standup bot publishes meeting reports on your selected channel
  • Receive all reports at one location after every daily standup meeting in slack
  • Gives you high visibility into the teams pain points and issues
asynchronous standup app

Sync your In-house & Virtual Teams

It doesn't matter if members of your team are working in the office, or thousands of miles away from home.

  • A slack standup bot is the perfect solution for meeting synchronization
  • All members receive immediate updates after the standup meeting ends
  • You use DixiApp slack standup bot FREE!

How It Works

DixiApp integrates with Slack, giving you a one stop solution for all meeting communication. You create a standup meeting, schedule it, and you're good to go!


Create Stand Up

Create a Stand Up meeting according to your Timings, Questions and the #channel to post to.


Answer Questions

It sends questions of standup meeting as private messages at the specified time. Reply them to send your daily update.


Update Report

After getting the responses from the members, it posts the report to the specified channel.

Amazing Features

A free slack scrum bot with all you need to run standup meetings

Multiple Standups

One slack standup bot, one dashboard, with the power to create, run and manage multiple stand up meetings.

Easy Scheduling

Fix the time for the Standup meeting and DixiApp syncs it according to the timezone of individual participants.

Daily Reports

Receive all reports on one channel post every daily standup meeting in slack. Track progress, take action.

Data Privacy

DixiApp is built with security in mind. All your data, confidential or no, is protected, safe, and secure.

Flexible Schedule

You have the power to adjust the schedule of the scrum meetings. Daily, alternate days, weekly, whatever you choose.

Free To Use

Not only is DixiApp the best slack standup bot, it is also absolutely FREE!


Still have doubts? Well please check out our FAQ's for further clarification

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