Automating Stand-ups With a Standup Bot – How it Works

Automating Standups With a Standup Bot - how standup automation works

I’ve spoken a lot about the why and the when of automating a standup bot. I still get into conversations with Scrum Masters who seem hesitant in digitizing Scrum meetings. In fact, I created a list of FAQs that I get asked quite often about automating the daily Scrum meeting. You can check them out […]

3 Reasons Your Meetings are Unproductive [& 3 Hacks to Change that]

tips for productive meetings

You’d think spending 15 minutes on idle chit chat during a corporate meeting isn’t really a big deal, right? Or running meetings impromptu would take maybe 20 minutes more than a planned one, but what’s 20 minutes in the grand scheme of things? A research by TheMuse showed that there are 25 million meetings in […]