Must Have Tools for Efficient Remote Working [for 3 core work areas]

Must Have Tools for Efficient Remote Working

It’s pretty obvious that remote working is going to become the norm (or at least a major part of BAU) post Covid-19. At this point, many companies have already settled into remote working. If your team is already working remotely, or going to, there are some tools that can make life easier and productivity better. […]

The Key to Successful Teamwork With Remote Teams : Transparency

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Remote working is going to be the norm post Covid-19. Organizations, while forced to initiate it, are seeing the benefits that come with it and will implement remote working as business as usual. Quoting The News Minute: As part of its earnings announcement for the end of FY20, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) made a revelation […]

5 Collaboration Issues Every Remote Team Faces [And How to Fix Them]

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Before we get into the article, here’s a quick rundown of the 5 issues EVERY remote team eventually faces: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp1. Issue #1 – Unnecessary (excessive/redundant) live conversation &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp2. Issue #2 – Blurred rules &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3. Issue #3 – Devoid in empathy &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4. Issue #4 – Inconsistent processes &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp5. Issue #5 – Unclear goals We’re going to […]

Tracking Productivity When Teams Work Remotely

Tracking Productivity When Remote Working

Black Swan Event – An unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Pretty much sums up the situation we are in today. The world was probably more prepared for World War 3 than they were for the Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic. We are, however, coping […]

Teams Working From Home? Here’s How Slack Can Help

Teams Working From Home Here’s How Slack Can Help

The number one issue teams with remote employees face is with communication. When unavoidable situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic for example, force entire organizations to work remotely, this issue is exponentially magnified. Why do teams struggle with something as simple as communication when technology today can provide a solution for a trip to Mars? We’ve […]

4 Free Must Have Applications for Remote Teams

4 Free Tools to Facilitate Efficient Remote Working

Quick Navigation to the 5 Free Tools Every Remote Team Must Use:    1. Collaboration         Slack    2. Asynchronous meetings & status updates         DixiApp    3. Data storage/sharing         Google Drive    4. Task management         Trello We recently published a guide (4 Steps to Quickly Establish a Remote Work Policy) for creating a remote work policy with the intention of […]

4 Steps to Quickly Establish a Remote Work Policy

4 Steps to Quickly Establish a Remote Work Policy

Quick Navigation to the 4 Steps to Establish Remote Working: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp1. Define how employees will work remotely​ &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp2. Ensure all employees have all the tools they need (or provide it to them)​ &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3. Define the rules for remote working​ &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4. Define and communicate legalities and compensation​ Editor’s Note: Follow up guide to help you enhance […]