The Daily Standup : A Guide to Running Effective Daily Stand-ups

Stand-Up Meetings

How Often Should You Have Stand-Up Meetings? [Daily, Alternate Day, or Weekly?] Here’s what this article will cover: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp1. What exactly is a Stand up meeting. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp2. What happens during a Standup. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3. How often must you conduct the scrum standup meeting. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4. How to conduct the daily Standup. &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp5. The importance of daily standup […]

Can The Daily Standup be Automated? – Answering Common Questions

automating the daily standup with a standup bot

Q. How does this even work? A. Our standup automation bot Dixi lets you create the standup questions, add participants and set a schedule for the meeting. The bot then pushes the questions to all standup participants at the selected schedule, collates all answers, and sends you a report. Q. How do I know if […]

How to Save Time on Daily Standup Meetings [Fixing the #1 Issue]

How to Save Time on Daily Standup Meetings

We spoke to a lot of organizations (Scrum and team leads in particular) when developing Dixi to understand the challenges faced in running the daily standup. While there were many, one seemed to stand out. Here’s a scenario, let us know if it is recognizable: (names changed for, well, for fun.) Lucy (team lead), Christina […]

The Best Way to Conduct the Daily Standup With Remote Teams

standups with remote teams

The recent pandemic has seen businesses rushing to set up remote working. Even for companies with work-from-home policies in place this turned to be quite a cumbersome process, because managing a team that works remotely is one thing, and managing an entire organization that works remotely is another. Yet, every company managed to do it, […]

Automated Standups vs Manual Standups – Which One Is Right For You

automated standups vs manual standups

In today’s technology driven world, you’d think automated always trumps manual. In our experience (as business owners of a meeting automation bot), however, we do find situations where companies prefer to run certain business processes manually, even if there is a possibility and tool for automation. In this article, we want to share scenarios when […]