The Key to Successful Teamwork With Remote Teams : Transparency

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Remote working is going to be the norm post Covid-19. Organizations, while forced to initiate it, are seeing the benefits that come with it and will implement remote working as business as usual. Quoting The News Minute: As part of its earnings announcement for the end of FY20, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) made a revelation […]

Teams Working From Home? Here’s How Slack Can Help

Teams Working From Home Here’s How Slack Can Help

The number one issue teams with remote employees face is with communication. When unavoidable situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic for example, force entire organizations to work remotely, this issue is exponentially magnified. Why do teams struggle with something as simple as communication when technology today can provide a solution for a trip to Mars? We’ve […]

11 Collaboration Tools For Virtual Teams [For Increased Productivity]

11 Collaboration Tools For Virtual Teams [For Increased Productivity]

Did You Know? According to a study released in the mid of 2018 by IWG, a Switzerland-based serviced office provider, 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, and 53% of professionals work remotely for at least half of the week. And this statistic is no surprise. Companies are constantly looking for […]

4 Challenges Faced by Virtual Teams [And How to Solve Them]

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We live in an era where working remotely is not only easy, it is encouraged. Technology makes it easy for teams to stay in sync and collaborate for work, and solutions like coworking spaces provide virtual teams with the infrastructure needed to work remotely. Did You Know? RW3 CultureWizard did a study in March 2018 […]