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DixiApp lets managers get complete control over all aspects of a meeting - the agenda, participants, schedule, and reports. Automate your meetings and let them run asynchronously on Slack, with DixiApp

Features of Our Digital Assistant

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Easy Integration with Slack

Dixi App is extremely easy to install & implement. Click the 'Add to Slack Now!' button below, authenticate DixiApp, & you're good to go. You will get access to an admin panel, & DixiApp will be added to you Slack workspace automatically.

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Quick Meeting Setup

Setting up meetings is a breeze on DixiApp. Firstly, you can create unlimited number of meetings. To create a meeting, set the questions to be answered, the Slack channel to publish reports on, the participants and the schedule.

Automated Reporting

The answers provided by each meeting participant is published on the selected Slack channel either at a selected time, or immediately after each person completes a meeting. Admins can also download reports from the admin panel.

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Customizable Meeting Agenda

Each meeting can have its own agenda & format, which is set by the type of questions you create. For example, you can have a daily scrum with the standard 4 questions or a survey with your own set of questions.

set timezone as per choice

Timezone Setup Flexibility

The benefits of a meeting automation bot is best seen when remote teams are involved. Teams working in different time zones can now easily attend meetings as DixiApp gives you the flexibility to choose the timezone.

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FREE to Use

We have just one pricing plan for DixiApp, and that is the FREE plan. All our features are available for free, with no caveats or hidden charges. Future features will be seamlessly added to your exisitng bot and plan.

All Features

Unlimited meetings

Unlimited participants

Unlimited meeting questions

Automated meetings

Automated reporting

Access to historical reports

Admin panel

Customizable Meeting Agenda

Flexible scheduling

Free to use

Simplify business workflows by integrating Dixi to your Slack workspace.

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