A Virtual Meeting Bot That Works For Every Team Size

DixiApp is a Slack bot that you can use to run scrum meetings, daily standups, automate MOMs, and more!


Dixi App is the perfect tool to automate regular meetings and run them asynchronously on Slack. The bot is free to use, irrespective of team size.

Premium Plan


  • All Features FREE to Use
  • Meeting Automation
  • Backend Admin Panel
  • Customizable Agenda
  • Setup Multiple Meetings
  • Timezone Setup Flexibility
  • Automated Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a paid version of DixiApp with more features?

We provide all premium features free of cost. There are no hidden charges, and no hidden features that need an upgrade to use.

Is DixiApp free for a certain period of time only?

No, this isn't a 'trial' or 'limited' version or plan of the app. Dixi App is free to use, period.

Is DixiApp suitable only for stand up meetings or daily Scrum meetings?

Actually, no. DixiApp lets you create questions, set a schedule, and add meeting participants. In essence, any meeting that follows this format can be automated using Dixi App.

Is there a limit to the number of meeting participants that can be added in this plan?

We provide our standup meeting bot free and that is the only plan, and no, there is no limit to the number of meeting members that can be added.

How many meetings can be created on DixiApp?

There is no limit to the number of meetings you can create.

What if new features are released in the future?

We send out an email to all admins notifying them of all new features. This, however, is a matter of providing information on the new features, and admins will not have to perform any extra installation or payments to use the features. They will be seamlessly available on DixiApp.

How many channels can be included for meetings?

You can create unlimited number of meetings, and assign any channel to each of these meetings. In short, there's no limit.

What if I want to uninstall DixiApp from Slack?

It's easy to uninstall the bot, and you won't have to jump through any hoops. your feedback would be appreciated, though.

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