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How to Use Dixi for Employee Feedback on Slack

Employee feedback is critical to maintain a positive work environment. Creating a workplace where feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged, is a positive step towards building a work culture that motivates, nurtures, and inspires. DixiApp is one of the most useful HR tools on Slack, and can be used (among many other things) for Slack feedback automation. Below we explain exactly how DixiApp can be used as an employee feedback tool for Slack. DixiApp also automatically provides reports after every completed team feedback on Slack, and these reports can also be accessed via the backend dashboard at any time.

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1. Define the Employees Who Will Participate

DixiApp is a feedback app for Slack, and you need to first select the Slack channel and the employees who need to participate in the feedback survey. You can include all members of a channel, or just a select few.

2. Set the Feedback Survey Questions

The Slack employee feedback will involve a set of questions the HR wants every employee to answer. The next step is creating these questions on DixiApp.

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3. Set the Feedback Meeting Schedule

You decide when the feedback survey should run: weekly, monthly, on demand, etc. DixiApp provides a high level of scheduling flexibility, making it one of the best slack HR apps. every HR must include DixiApp in their arsenal of slack team culture apps.

Amazing Features

A free Slack feedback tool to automate all your feedback surveys!

Multiple Surveys

Create multiple employee feedback meetings with just one Slack bot.

Easy Scheduling

You get complete control over when each feedback meeting runs.

Automated Reports

All meeting reports are posted on your selected Slack channel, automatically.

Sync Remote Teams

DixiApp is perfect for teams who have remote and virtual workers.

Flexible Schedule

You can let meetings run in different time zones to accomodate remote teams.

Free To Use

Not only is DixiApp one of the best slack apps for HRs, it is also absolutely FREE!

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In 3 easy steps you can achieve Slack team feedback automation within your company and let every survey run smoothly without the need for any manual intervention!


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Whether you're a ten member startup or a large company with several hundreds of people, DixiApp is one of the most important Slack tools for your HRs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DixiApp just a feedback app for Slack?

Nope! DixiApp can be used to automate any meeting that follows a question and answer format, like employee surveys, update meetings, scrum meetings, sales reporting, etc. DixiApp is not only used as an HR app on slack, it is also used by sales teams, marketing teams, scrum masters, etc.

What if I want to run ad hoc surveys?

Scheduling is completely under your control. You can fully automate the employee feedback survey by setting a date and time and letting it run on a loop with the option of manually intervening whenever needed, or trigger it manually as and when required.

Can DixiApp be used to run quarterly feedback surveys?

The repetition of the meeting is completely under your control. You can use our feedback app for slack to run surveys on repeat (daily, weekly, etc), or you can use the bot to run a survey on demand.

Can Dixi be used as an HR tool on slack

It depends on the HR activity you are planning to run. HR tasks like surveys, employee feedback, management feedback, skip level meetings, etc that follow a QnA format can easily be automated and run asynchronously on Slack using Dixi.

Can Dixi be used for team bonding tasks?

HR teams use Dixi to run weekly team activities like know your team, movie suggestions, ice breakers, etc. Dixi can be used as a part of team culture apps on Slack.

What are the other uses of DixiApp?

Apart from using it as a slack feedback bot, Dixi can be used to automate any recurring meeting that follows a QnA model. For example, daily scrum standups, scrum sprints, survey meetings, sales report meetings, etc.

What if I want to run multiple meetings/feedback surveys?

No problem, Dixi can accommodate multiple meetings. You can create multiple slack employee feedback surveys, daily standups, etc, and set them to run on auto pilot. No need for manual intervention unless you want to change a meeting attribute.

Can Dixi be used as a standalone app?

No, currently Dixi works only on Slack. If you use Slack for communication setting up Dixi is a matter of one click, and meetings can be created in just 3 easy steps.

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