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How to Use DixiApp for Status Update Automation?

Status updates, be it daily, weekly or monthly status updates, follow a structured pattern. They involve employees listing out the tasks assigned to them, the progress of each task, an ETA on completion, and impediments if any. As is the case with any business process that is structured and repetitive, the status update task can be automated.

project status report on slack

1. Define the Channel Participants

The first step is setting the channel on which the daily status report, or weekly status report will be posted, and the employees who need to submit a daily/project weekly report.

2. Define the Status Updates Required

Define the questions for the status update meeting. Looking back at a weekly status report template you should be able to identify what each employee needs to answer during a daily, weekly and/or monthly status report meeting.

schedule slack reports

3. Set the Project Status Meeting Schedule

Define the schedule for your progress status update meeting. DixiApp provides a lot of flexibility with scheduling which effectively means you can automate daily, weekly and/or monthly project status report meetings with ease.

Amazing Features

A free slack bot to automate all your status update meetings!

Multiple Standups

Create multiple status update meetings with just one Slack bot.

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You get complete control over the scheduling of each meeting.

Automated Reports

All meeting reports are posted on your selected Slack channel.

Sync Remote Teams

DixiApp is perfect for teams who have remote and virtual workers.

Flexible Schedule

You can let meetings run in different time zones to accomodate remote teams.

Free To Use

Not only is DixiApp the best slack meting automation bot, it is also absolutely FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What meetings can I automate with DixiApp?

Any meeting that follows a question and answer format- daily status report meetings, weekly status report meetings, project weekly report meetings, project status report meetings, etc.

What if I don't want to run the status update meeting on holidays?

DixiApp provides complete control over the scheduling of your project progress report meetings. You can exclude repeated weekly holidays like Sunday when scheduling, or pause the automated meeting for individual days as and when you like from the backed dashboard.

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