The Best Way to Conduct the Daily Standup With Remote Teams

standups with remote teams

The recent pandemic has seen businesses rushing to set up remote working. Even for companies with work-from-home policies in place this turned to be quite a cumbersome process, because managing a team that works remotely is one thing, and managing an entire organization that works remotely is another.

Yet, every company managed to do it, and that says a lot about human conviction. For those of you still struggling with the transition, we published an article a while back that outlined the basic steps a company should take to quickly enforce a work-from-home policy, it might come in handy: 4 Steps to Quickly Establish a Remote Work Policy.

In this article, we wanted to help teams that run daily standups (daily scrum meeting) manage these meetings efficiently even with remote teams in place. The solution we have holds good for any meeting that involves remote teams really.

Running Any Recurring Meeting (Like The Daily Standup) Asynchronously & On Auto Pilot

The key to managing recurring meetings when remote teams are involved is:

   1. Run them asynchronously: This means different team members can attend the meeting at different times. This is especially helpful when team members work across different time zones. Remote workers will find this convenient and the meeting will run smoothly. How do you do this? We’ll tell you in just a sec.
   2. Automate the meeting: If the same meeting is being attended by different employees at different times (because the meeting is asynchronous), you cannot expect a meeting coordinator to join multiple times to conduct the meeting. Automating the meeting will let managers/team leads/meeting coordinators run the meeting on autopilot and come in once the meeting minutes or report is generated. Also, automating the meeting will let it recur as and when you need it to.

How Do You Automate & Run Meetings Asynchronously?

Using Dixi, a Slack bot for automated meetings. Dixi works only on Slack, which is a messaging platform you MUST use if you have remote teams involved (here's why: Teams Working From Home? Here’s How Slack Can Help). Once you install Dixi, the admin can create a meeting and set the agenda (the standup questions or whatever you want participants to answer). The admin can then select the participants and set the schedule (recurring or on demand), and that’s it.

The participants will receive a notification on Slack when it’s time for the meeting, and this can be set to occur as per the individual’s time zone. The participants can then ‘attend’ the meeting by answering the questions whenever they get the time, hence the meeting is asynchronous. Dixi will then collate all meeting results and these are accessible via Slack and the admin panel. Dixi will also run these meetings as per your schedule without the need for any manual intervention, hence the meeting is automated.

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