Tracking Productivity When Teams Work Remotely

Tracking Productivity When Remote Working

Black Swan Event - An unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.

Pretty much sums up the situation we are in today. The world was probably more prepared for World War 3 than they were for the Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic. We are, however, coping with great courage. It’s great to see how strong the human spirit can be even when challenged by such dreadful circumstances.

The business sector, like every other, has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Organizations have shut their doors and implemented remote working overnight. Yes, almost every company today has the provision for remote working, but it is largely limited to specific teams and individuals. An entire organization working from home is definitely an unprecedented event.

Fortunately we live in an age where technology makes remote working easy. There are collaboration tools, project management tools, automation tools, etc that greatly simplify the process of implementing remote work policy and working from home. We won’t talk about them in this article, although we have a lot of resources to help you with every aspect of remote working. We’ll list them out at the end of this article.

In this article, we want to talk about specifically one part of remote working - tracking productivity. How can project managers and/or team leads know exactly what was accomplished by each member of the team each day or week? How can team members be in sync about task completion, especially when tasks are dependent on each other? Using spreadsheets for these tasks becomes extremely cumbersome when many team members are involved. It also becomes a major responsibility for team members to manually ensure every member is filling in their status updates.

An easy way to track productivity and automate the entire process

We assure you we’re not tooting our own horn, but the best way to achieve all of the above is through Dixi. While Dixi was always used as a standup meeting automation bot, it is now being used across organizations to also track productivity at the workplace.

We’ll just tell you how it is being utilized and you can decide for yourself if it is something that can be useful for your team:

Step 1: Team leads create an automated activity status update meeting and include only their team members.

Dixi is a Slack bot, and can be used to create as many meetings as needed with as many Slack participants in each meeting. So step one is for the team lead to create a separate meeting for their specific team by adding the channel their team collaborates on, and team members that need to give a status update.

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Step 2: The agenda created is status update questions.

Team leads then setup questions that each participant will answer. These questions ask about project progress. For example:

   1. What was accomplished today?
   2. How long did that take?
   3. Were there any hurdles?
   4. Are there pending tasks?
   5. If yes, when will they be finished?

You get the point.

weekly status report sample

Step 3: The meeting is scheduled and Dixi takes care of the rest.

Finally, the schedule for the meeting is set: everyday, once a week, twice a week, etc. Dixi gives you complete flexibility with scheduling. The best thing about automating these kinds of status update meetings is that different team members who work in different time zones can attend them asynchronously, which is essential for remote teams.


Step 4: Monitor reports

Once the meeting is scheduled, Dixi pushes a notification to each participant on Slack and they can answer it whenever they get the chance. The answers are collated and displayed on the selected Slack channel so that not only the team leads get high level visibility into productivity, but also any team member whose task has a dependency on another team member’s task gets an update. The reports are also collated and made available at the backend for admins.

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That's it, folks.

If you think receiving a status update by every team member on what was achieved will give you a sense of progress, then Dixi is for you. It’s completely free to use, so you can try it out without having to worry about providing credit card details or personal information :

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