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How Dixi works!

Dixi integrates with Slack, giving you a one stop bot for asynchronous meetings.
You create a meeting, schedule it, and you're good to go!


Voila! Your meeting is now automated..

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Multiple Meetings

Use one Slack bot to create multiple meetings and sync relevant teams who can attend meetings asynchronously.

Quick Meeting Setup

Our Slack daily standup bot lets you create and launch automated asynchronous meetings in three simple steps.

Automated Reporting

Automated compilation of every member's meeting response so the entire team is in the loop, especially project managers.

Data Privacy

You value hard work, so do we. Our Slack bot is designed to make sure that your confidential data is always secure.

Timezone Setup Flexibility

Choose a common timezone or schedule meetings according to the participant's timezone & at any custom recurrence.

Easy & Free to Use

Yes, get all these amazing features and start automating your meetings with our Slack daily standup bot forFREE!

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Dixi is the perfect tool to automate regular & on demand meetings and run them asynchronously on Slack


for any team size
  • Meeting Automation
  • Backend Admin Panel
  • Customizable Agenda
  • Setup Multiple Meetings
  • Timezone Setup Flexibility
  • Automated Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Our FAQ section covers everything you need to know about automating meetings on slack.

As soon as the meeting rolls around in your local time, Dixi App sends a direct message to each nominated participant.
No problem. Just ignore Dixi App’s message (it won’t mind!). You’ll get another at your next scheduled time. It might be nice to let your team know you have nothing to report though, Dixi App does it for you.
Your current reporting period will lapse and you can’t report for that day. Dixi App will ask again as normal on your next scheduled standup.
Anywhere you have access. Dixi App publish the reports to a specified channel. The channel can be either public or private. Posting in private channels means you can have standups with specific members without spamming everyone
Sure. Go to the dashboard and click the edit button for the standup, then add new members and hit save.
Sign in to your dixiapp workplace. Press Edit. Scroll down to the Questions section and start editing!
No, DixiApp is a standup bot that can only be used in Slack.
Yes you can! Simply sign in and create new standup to multiple time zones or assign multiple time zones to the same standup.
Yes, any user of a workspace who is a Slack admin, can become an admin on DixiApp for that workspace.

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